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The American Olive Oil Producers Association (AOOPA) was established as a voice for high quality domestic olive oil producers and consumers. America farmers united in 2012, forming AOOPA as a non-profit trade association, to ensure that there is a robust domestic production of extra virgin olive oil for consumer's health benefit and culinary enjoyment.
American Olive Oil Producers Association Mission:

To promote the viability of the domestic olive oil industry and ensure the integrity of olive oil for consumers


   California Olive Oil Council

The California Olive Oil Council (COOC) is a non-profit trade and marketing association whose purpose is to promote the production and consumption of California extra virgin olive oil. Through our Seal Certification program, we help everyone from home cooks to restaurants find guaranteed extra virgin olive oil for their kitchen.


   Florida Olive Council, LAA

The Florida Olive Council is a not-for-profit entity dedicated to promoting research, cultivation and marketing of olive trees and olive products. Supporters of the Florida Olive Council are dedicated to the highest standards of environmental sustainability, academic and business ethics.


   Georgia Olive Growers Association

The Mission of the Georgia Olive Growers Association, Inc. is to promote, encourage and educate others about the growing of olive trees (olea europaea) in the State of Georgia along with the production and marketing of olive oil, pickled olives and other olive tree products derived from olive trees grown in our state.


   Texas Olive Oil Council

The Texas Olive Oil Council was set up as a non-profit organization to provide consumers and potential growers with information concerning growing olives and making olive oil. The TOOC is continuing its mission by a renewed commitment to conduct cultivation seminars and field trips, hold tastings for members and nonmembers, and provide information on the health benefits of olive oil.
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